Funding Assistance to Maintain a Notable Tree Application

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Terms and Conditions for Application to Fund for Maintaining Notable Trees

  1. The tree must be listed for protection in the Marlborough Environment Plan.

  2. The proposed work must be for enhancement of the tree’s health or for safety reasons.

  3. The tree must be on land that is privately owned residential property or owned by non-profit organisations.

  4. The Council takes no ongoing responsibility for maintaining the tree.

  5. The amount of funding to be granted will be considered on a case by case basis and will in part be determined in light of the funds available.

  6. The fund is subject to annual review by Council through the Annual Plan process. The availability of the fund may vary from year to year.

  7. If the work is not undertaken within one year of the financial assistance being granted then the financial assistance shall lapse.

  8. All proposed work on the tree is to be carried out by a suitably Qualified Arborist (being a person who is the holder of the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Arboriculture) (Level 4).

  9. The fund is not available to compensate for work already done. It is intended to assist with the cost of future work.

  10. The application must be made on this online form. A handwritten form can be submitted on the PDF on this page.

  11. Applicants should attach supporting documents, such as plans, maps, reports and photos.

  12. Applications without any supporting documents will still be considered, but this may affect the outcome of the application.

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