NES - Prior Notification for Work in Wetlands

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Required under: Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Freshwater) Regulations 2020

The following activities are regulated by the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater.

  • Vegetation clearance OR earthworks within, or within a 10m setback from, a natural wetland
  • Taking, use, damming, diversion, or discharge of water within, or within a 100m setback from, a natural wetland
  • Harvesting sphagnum moss from within a natural wetland.

The regulations are found on the New Zealand Legislation website. Regulations 37-56 are relevant to wetland works.

Certain activities are permitted (ie, do not require consent) provided specified conditions are met. These conditions are found in Regulation 55 and we recommend you assess your proposal against these conditions.

A requirement of Regulation 55 is that the person responsible for undertaking the activity must provide Marlborough District Council with notice of the activity at least 10 working days before commencement.

A requirement of Regulation 48 Sphagnum moss harvesting, is that prior notice must be provided at least 20 working days before the activity is undertaken. Prior notice must include the information requested in this form.

Please provide as much detail as you can where the questions are relevant to your proposed activity or activities. We request that, where possible, you provide electronic copies of any supporting information and maps.

If you need any further help, please phone 03 520 7400

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