Multiple Dog Licence Application

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Terms and Conditions

  • An application fee of $75.00 is to be paid in full before this application can be processed. This fee is non refundable.

  • A Property Licence relates only to the property to which it was originally issued.

  • As the circumstances relating to each individual property and the behavioural characteristics of the different breeds of dogs varies, the final conditions as will be applied to the Property Licence will be determined following an on-site inspection by an Animal Control Officer.

  • The holding of a Property Licence does not in any way exempt the dogs or dog owner from the requirements for dog ownership as laid down under the Dog Control Act 1996 and Council’s Dog Control Bylaws. Issues of barking, smell or other nuisance relating to the dogs will be handled in the normal manner by Animal Control and could result in a Property Licence being revoked at any time.

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