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Notes for the applicant

  • Land owners with a legal unformed road adjoining or within their property may apply to have the road stopped.

  • Council will only agree to process a road stopping application if it is satisfied the road is no longer needed, including for public walking.

  • Should the paper road provide access to any other property; including rivers, lakes, seashore, reserves etc the road stopping proposal will not be considered unless the applicant can provide an appropriate alternate solution.

  • The applicant is responsible for all costs involved in stopping the road and for the purchase of the road from Council at a price to be determined by a registered valuer who is appointed by Council; the cost of which is payable by the applicant. (Council will obtain the valuation when the road stopping has been finalised).

  • Once this application is lodged with Council it becomes public information. If there is sensitive information in the proposal please let us know.

Tenth Schedule

The Council may, in the manner provided in the Tenth Schedule to the Local Government Act 1974 stop any road or part thereof in the district provided that the Council shall not proceed to stop any road or part thereof in a rural area unless the prior consent of the Minister of Lands has been obtained.
  • Survey plan is to be prepared and lodged at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

  • The Council shall, at least twice, give public notice of the road stopping proposals and of the place where the plan may be inspected and shall in the notice call upon persons objecting to the proposals to lodge their objections in writing to Council (forty days notice given).

  • After the first publication a notice is served in the same form on the owners/occupiers of all land adjoining the road proposed to be stopped.

  • A notice of the proposed stoppage shall during the period between the first publication of the notice and the expiration of the last day for lodging objections be kept fixed in a conspicuous place at each end of the road proposed to be stopped.

  • If no objections are received the Council may, by public notice, declare that the road is stopped.

  • If objections are received, the Council shall, unless it upholds the objection, send the objection/s to the Environment Court (at the applicant's expense).

  • Following public notification that the road has been stopped, the change of appellation is registered at LINZ.

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