Alcohol ON Licence Application

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Privacy Statement

Marlborough District Council needs to collect personal information (including names and contact details) to process this application. Personal information that you provide will be held and protected by us in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. You can access and correct that information by contacting Council at PO Box 443, Blenheim 7240 or emailing

If this application is for a new licence you will need to make contact with the licensing team to discuss your proposal before making the application. If this is for a new on license you will be required to upload the following:

  • Copy of the menu
  • If the applicant is a Company or Body Corporate, a certificate of incorporation will be required
  • If the applicant is a Partnership, evidence of Partnership will be required
  • Photographs (or artist impression) of the exterior of the premise
  • Map indicating the location of the premise
  • A written statement from the building owners for the premise to the effect that they have no objection to the premise being used for the sale of alcohol

Scale plan of the premise showing: The area being used for the sale + supply of alcohol and the principal entrance to the premise and any designated areas ie supervised,restricted

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